I have put together a team that works together to insure that the sale of your home will be smooth and hassle free.

My Office Staff:

Dave Delmont, Lauren Garnetti, Nicole Tootill

Short Sale Staff:

Tiffany Endicott


Shelly Martindale, Amanda Curry, Sal Shandra

Western Pacific Escrow:

Donna Cain, Yzabal-Kira Olson


BNB Financial - Dennis Lee
Greenpath Funding - Brian Fraser
Loan Logic - Sal Shandra


Chris Shandra, Sal Shandra, Dina Parsons,

Tarus Termite:

Brian Robertson

Home Inspection:

Steve Hann

Plumbing/Heating & Air:

Tim Gregory (Plumbing Works)

Handyman/General Contractor:

Rogan Anderson, Chuck Won

Landscaping & Maintenance:

Eddie Marino